The Mount Laurel Garden Club

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Projects of our Club 2013-2014

  • Arbor Day Tree Planting.
  • Library Planting.
  • 9/11 Memorial.
  • Veteran's Memorial.
  • PAWS Farm & Nature Center.
  • Alice Paul Butterfly Garden.
  • Parks Enhancements Program.
  • Scholarship Award.
  • Wreath Decorating.
  • Christmas Building Decorating.
  • New Jersey Garden Clubs Flower Show.
  • November Luncheon Fund Raiser.
  • Plant Sale.

More Detail on Projects:

The annual Arbor Day planting will take place at the Mount Laurel Library in the spring of 2011. The MLGC Chair and library staff will meet and coordinate the date, time, site and tree selection for planting on the library grounds. The program includes poetry reading and music. The library staff, township council members and the public will be invited to the ceremony.

The annual spring planting will take place in May 2011. The MLGC Chair will select and purchase the flowers for the flowerbeds and urns across the front and entrances to the library. The MLGC committee will plant and maintain the flowerbeds throughout the growing season. Visitors to the library enjoy the display.

The second annual Neighborhood Program will begin in the spring of 2011. The MLGC Chair will visit the residential and commercial gardens that the members of the garden club submit for consideration. Winners receive a certificate and an invitation to attend a garden club meeting to receive the award. Photographs of the winning gardens are posted on our website (permission by owners is requested). This project serves as a recruitment tool, also helps to educate and encourage the residents to improve and beautify their gardens.

The annual planting of flowers at the Veteran's Memorial in Laurel Acres Park, Mount Laurel will be scheduled two weeks before the memorial service conducted by the Mount Laurel Mayor and Township Council members in May 2011. The MLGC Chair contacts the Mount Laurel Department of Parks and Recreation to arrange a planting schedule. The Chair selects and purchases the flowers. The MLGC committee maintains the bedding area during the growing season. In keeping with the park autumn schedule of events a spring and fall planting will also take place.

Plant and maintain the grounds around the 9/11 Memorial on Mt. Laurel Rd. This is a nice spot to visit. When there are no athletic games in the field nearby, one gets a sense of being out in the middle of nowhere! It's very quiet and peaceful.

Annually the MLGC Chair consults with the staff of the PAWS Nature Center located in Mount Laurel to begin planning the planting of perennials. The MLGC committee continues a maintenance program of the butterfly garden spring to fall. PAWS is a learning center for children and adults of all ages. Visitors enjoy and learn from the many interactive exhibits and the more than 80 birds and animals that are housed there.

Annually the MLGC Chair sends letters to the Guidance Counselors of the area high schools Informing them of the availability of MLGC scholarship money to be awarded to a to a Mount Laurel resident who is a member of the current High School graduating class. The student is required to submit an essay related to the environment. The MLGC committee determines the winner(s). The MLGC Board of Trustees determine the monetary amount and number of scholarships to award. The winners and their parents receive an invitation to attend the garden club luncheon held in June. Photos and essays appear on the MLGC website (with parental permission). The awards are also announced at the school graduation ceremonies.


Making holiday wreaths for public buildings.
Christmas decoration of Smithville Mansion, and of Farmer's Hall.


Flower arrangements for Mt. Laurel library.
Christmas decoration of rooms in the Governor's Mansion (Drumthwacket).
Philadelphia Flower Show.