alice’s malice





Purchased at Atlock Farms, June 2010. Not sure what kind of light it wants, but so far doing well in shade. Similar to ‘max levering’ but colors are darker. Pinch back frequently, seems to get leggy.







sun or shade

seems to do well in either.


Hardy, fast growing, easy to propagate. Needs to be pinched back or gets leggy.


* cameroon



This one definitely wants shade. It gets an unattractive burned look if too much sun. NO direct sunlight is recommended,  although some people recommend some filtered sun, which makes it get pinker.



careless love


some sun

Big and bushy, grows fast. Nice, compact but gets big so provide space. Does well in about half day of sun if morning sun. Large (but not huge) leaves.




some sun

Starts out quite red, gets more coppery with age. Leaves are light chartreuse underneath. Purchased from Leas, June 2010, down Rt 73 towards Berlin. Slow grower, compact, to about 12 in.  So far, have not been able to propagate this one. Labeled as a ‘sun coleus’.


dappled apple


sun or shade


Nice. Compact, Easy to propagate. Currently about 18 in high (under tree in front). Would probably grow bigger elsewhere. Not sure, but seems to be ok with about 3 hours of sun.


duke of swirl


some sun


Purchased from Atlock Farms, June, 2010. Seems to want some sun. Slow growing, small (about 12 to 14 in.)







fanatic radish



Purchased from Atlock Farms, 12/09, said it was a sport of their ‘religious radish’, and they weren’t sure how consistent it would be. It’s rather inconsistent. Gets dull and bleached if too much light.






Purchased Dec 5, 2009 from Atlock Farms. Gets green and rust if not enough sun. Needs pretty much full sun. Goes to flower easily in fall. Labeled as a ‘sun coleus’. Rather compact, to about 2 ft by 1.5 ft diameter.



garnet robe




Best in shade, though it will also tolerant some sun. It gets long drooping stems so looks nice in window boxes. Can also be cut back to look compact. Nice, hardy. In shade, leaves are velvety.


* gay’s delight


the line




Very fast growing, not too leggy. Very easy to propagate. Does well in shade. Amount of dark lines seems to vary. Bright light SEEMS to increase the dark markings, but not sure. Gets better as it ages.


* grape expectations


stained glass





Not sure of real name, but seems to vary at times between ‘grape expectations’ and ‘stained glass’. Gets leggy, needs pinching back frequently in beginning. Somewhat difficult to propagate.


* green freckles




Don’t know the name of this but someone said ‘freckles’, but this one stays green. This one is getting a green sport that is a lot like dappled apple. Grows to about 2ft. Gets leggy if not pinched back.


* heart


Sun or shade. Seems to do fine in either.


Did fine in nearly full sun, does well in shade too, and brightens up a dark spot. Not sure of name, but seems similar to ‘heart’. May be one of the wizard mix.





partial shade


Purchased this June, 2010 from Ramblewood Nursery. Not sure what kind of light it wants, but doing ok in partial shade. Interesting leaf pattern, with purple underneath.



Inky fingers


sun or shade.

Seems to do fine in either.

Has a bushy form that makes it a good basket and container subject. Sun tolerant, and also fine in total shade. Survives the cold and light frost much better than other coleus. Very hardy. Nice and compact, doesn’t seem to need pinching back. Very consistent!


* inky pink





Varies a lot with age, light and temperature. Looks much better in shade (but not a dense shade) and improves greatly with age. Bleaches out easily.



kiwi fern





Purchased at Leas, June 2010. Very dark, not really very attractive, but interesting leaf shape.


* kona red


 dipt in wine


Sun or shade


Seems to do well in sun or shade. It will be redder in sun, and more purple in shade. Also goes by the name of ‘dipt in wine’, especially when it’s more purple.







pink chaos


At least a few hours of sun a day (morning sun is best). It will turn green if it gets too much shade.


Very thin stemmed and fragile, but one advantage is, it will droop over edge of hanging baskets. The one in the picture was purchased at Ott’s Nursery in Schwenksville, PA (home of Mum Mountain), about 2007. It was a single stemmed plant about 14 inches high and cost $4. It propagates pretty easily.



max levering


Some sun, morning sun is best.

Does very well in part sun, turning a nice yellow, but must be introduced to sun gradually.

Does well in shade too (as in the picture), but would be more chartreuse. Grows rather fast to about 20 in. Easy to propagate.









partial shade


In shade, it will be mostly green with just a little yellow, but with more light, it will be more yellow and purple. Gets leggy, pinch back frequently.







This one not a coleus, but an herb. Very nice dark purple bushy.  It will self sow (dramatically!) the next year. It is invasive, but very pretty in locations that can handle that.


perilla magilla


partial shade

It is not a coleus, but it looks like one and is very similar. It is an herb. The leaves are very purple on the underside, and leaves vary from very magenta in center, to very white. The plant will turn darker and more magenta if it gets more sun.





Pinch back frequently in beginning or gets leggy. Gets much nicer with more yellow as it matures.


red ruffles


some sun

Nice compact growth, labeled as a sun coleus, but does best if protected from the hottest sun. From Leas, June 2010




some sun


Nice compact growth, labeled as a ‘sun coleus’, but does best if protected from the hottest sun. Turns pinker with too much sun (or maybe just with age). Seems to be doing fine in shade also! Purchased from Leas, June 2010


religious radish


some sun

Purchased at Atlock Farms, June 2010. Nice, bushy to about 2ft.


rustic orange (klondike)



Big and bushy (with compact growth)  so allow space. One plant was about 2.5 ft by 2 ft diameter. Grows rather fast. Does well in sun. The leaves underneath begin to get faded and dull, but overall still very pretty. Purchased from Leas, June 2010. This one is getting about 5 hours of direct sun. Labeled as a ‘sun coleus’.





sun or shade

Looks quite different at times, and varies a lot with light exposure,  temperature, soil and age (but all are very nice). Very inconsistent. ‘country wine’ is very similar and probably came from it.






Labeled as a ‘sun coleus’ and definitely wants sun. It will get dull and muddy without enough sun. Beautiful, compact, about 18 in. This one is getting about 5 hours of direct sun. Purchased from Ramblewood nursery, June, 2010 for $4 per plant (4 plants in picture). Other cuttings were obtained from Atlock Farms in May 2010.


sunn’s green n gold



some sun


Very nice, but small. Starts out green and a lot like dappled apple, but leaves are frillier, and then it turns yellow in places. Not sure of light requirements but this one is getting about 4 hours of morning sun. Difficult to propagate, rots easily. Very slow grower, to about 10 in. Purchased from Leas, June 2010.




partial shade


Seems inconsistent. Leggy at times, other times quite bushy. Color varies a lot with light, getting much more yellow in brighter light. The one on the left is in shade, the other gets about 4 hours of morning sun.


Twist 'n' Twirl




some sun

( best if morning sun, and protected from hot afternoon sun.)

Develops bright colors as the summer progresses, then gets a little duller in the fall. Best in sun, (and is labeled as a ‘sun coleus’ ) where colors will include bright yellows, reds and maroons. Limit amount of fertilizer because the nitrogen in the fertilizer blend will only make the greens richer. The multi-colored leaves appear to be twisting. The picture is one that was purchased at Atlock  Farms, Somerset, NJ.Dec, 2009.


* wizard, green and white




Not sure of name, seems to be one of the ‘wizard’ mix. Rather hard to propagate, and seems to have a problem when it gets too much light (turning all white then dropping leaves). A very similar cutting from a different source, seems to be a little hardier.