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Lorna's Corner - Feb 2007

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Things They Don’t Tell You About Gardening
Full sun does not mean the sun shines on your plants on and off all day. It means 6-8 hours of sun, even if the 6-8 hours are not consecutive.
Late Resolutions
1. I will keep a record of what is planted where and use labels in the garden if I can stand it.
2. I will weed all summer even in 80°
Keeping Houseplants Humidly Happy
The key to survival is not so much the moisture in the soil, as the moisture in the air. An easy way is to raise the pot by a layer of pebbles or a 2-3” width jar cover in the saucer. Keep water up to the bottom of the pot only, so roots won’t rot.
Pinelands Short Course – Saturday, March 3rd
This all day event features 26 lectures and workshops on such topics as butterflies, canoeing, cranberry history, music, fish, birds, etc. The cost is $30 for adults, $25 for seniors. The program brochure and registration form can be printed from or call 609-894-7300 ext 125.
Did you Know?
The common house plant Dieffenbachia’s sap can irritate your skin. While pruning it, I got sap on my fingers; they itched for 2 days – so be careful.
“Check stored dahlias, cannas and tender bulbs for desiccation (the ones that look like a carrot lost in the back of the refrigerator for a year)” Michael Martin Mills Phil Inquirer Jan 19, 2007

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