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The leaves of poison ivy are red in early spring.
Later in spring, they change to shiny green.
They turn yellow, red or orange in autumn.

  • Don’t touch other body parts.
  • Rinse area with lots of cold water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Use over the counter product Tecnu lotion.
  • If itching still, run very hot water – itching will become intense, but will stop for several hours. Repeat if necessary.
  • Relieve itching with calamine or aloe lotion.
  • Witch hazel to treat blisters.

  • Tecnu Lotion:
    Cleansing treatment for poison oak, ivy and sumac.

    For use before and immediately after exposure.

  • Removes the resinous, rash causing oils
  • Relieves itching and speeds healing
  • Apply within four to eight hours of exposure

  • Used extensively by utility linemen and forestry workers, this liquid cleanser removes the resinous, rash causing oil of poison ivy, oak and sumac from the skin if applied within four to eight hours of exposure. As a treatment, Tecnu® cleanser relieves itching and speeds healing.